There are a number of reasons I wanted to share this

(it ran this morning on Toon In With Me on and some of them are about Maisie's time management skills

She gives herself five minutes to get ready for work and get to work. There's a family member who would have enjoyed this cartoon this morning, but she gives herself five minutes as well, so she didn't have the time.

the clock a few minutes until

the office job she's going to

an editorial comment about women's makeup

She's going to get that bus

while it careens out of reach

she gets it, just in time for it to stop and her to pay the fare

Cram into the elevator

and make it with no time to spare

some outlandish examples of hats
the hat she came in with, with a blue bow

too big

chapeau a la mode

the latest from Paree

the droopy ear

the Princess Eugenie's convertible snood