I started drafting this on the second week of February.

I started cutting this soft boucle cardigan jacket out the third week of February
It really has been drafted and assembled in ten minute bites. 
There's just not enough time. 

Because I knew I was going  to use this boucle knit for this, and I wanted pockets AND I don't like lumpy seam facings, I decided to put the side seams forward and put the pockets into those seams.
I might be stealing this entire jacket design from a Uniqlo one I got during lockdown, mashed up with a Uniqlo vest I got this year.
I mean, it's my MO, borrowing like a magpie.

Overlapping pieces to get seams to match. And the pocket is much larger than that little shape I drew.

Needed to add sleeve cap height, thus the added piece and the measuring tape.

Hoping I remember to add the seam allowances to these pieces.

Think I did okay. And... [read more]