Hello, friends! I was invited to another Nigerian wedding last month and this time, I was given the opportunity to wear the aso ebi of the wedding party! Aso Ebi is a uniform dress or dressing code/style that is worn in certain African cultures as an indicator of cooperation, camaraderie, and solidarity during ceremonies, events, and festive periods.

Out of this beautiful Aso Ebi fabric, I made the skirt from Vogue 1426 (OOP) in a size 14.


Okay, so about this fabric. I bought this fabric straight from Nigeria through the bride & groom's wedding website! It's a BEAUTIFUL burgundy floral lace with sequins around the flower petals and accents of yellow, green, and pale pink. It's way more gorgeous in person than these pictures show, sorry to say.

As soon as I received the fabric, I went straight to my Sortly app to check out my directory of... [read more]