Hello, friends! Long time no talk... sewing has definitely been going on!

I'm back with the skirt I made to attend NYC Frocktails, and BOY is there a lot to talk about!

This is the 10K Midi Skirt from Tammy Silver in a size G (spoiler: I should've gone smaller).

Photo by Anjelica Jardiel @anjelicajardiel
Let me first start this deep dive by talking about the fabric. This is a stretch reversible sequin fabric that I picked up at Los Tejidos in Panama. You can see that fabric haul in this previous blog post. I picked this fabric because it was beautiful and so dynamic! This was my first time ever sewing with sequins so my rude awakening was soon coming LOL

Cutting the Fabric

I did some research on YouTube on the best ways to cut sequin fabric because everyone talks about how much of a pain and mess it is. I found a video that showed to use... [read more]