What Am I Working On Today? Well, at least this week? A bunch of different things! 

I haven't been getting much finished on the garment making side of things. Life is busy, and in my sewing time I've been working on some small art quilts -- one just started and one an older project I've gotten back out to finish. I've just used basting spray for the first time to prep these for stitching and it is FAB! I'll never go back. Lots left to do on these, but I was missing the feeling of prepping a garment. So there's some cutting going on as well. 

What you can't see in the picture is that for the last week or so I've also been deep cleaning and reorganizing my stash. Yikes, so much to look at and it all takes SO much time. I'm nearly there now, just a few more decisions to make and a couple more bins to buy and it should all be somewhat tidier and all the... [read more]