Sewing Love / Sanae Ishida
Seattle : Sasquatch Books, ©2022
271 p.

This is the second book by Ishida that I've read, via my library. It's a wonderful book! I really enjoyed it and I know I'll be reading it again to soak in all the detail involved. 

It's more than a basic sewing book, and more than just a project book, too. It's a great book for the intermediate sewist, who is looking for more learning and more challenge. The first part of the book deals with block making -- how to create a pattern block based on your own body. 

The second half then goes in to the projects: how to make yourself actual garments using your blocks. The garments are all fairly loose-fit casual clothes, so the adaptations and adjustments you'll have to make to get a decent fit are easier than closely fitted, detailed clothing would be. So it's a good way to start getting... [read more]