Ric rac braid has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and it’s easy to see why – you can use it on just about everything! It comes in a wonderful array of fun colours, and I’ve seen it used in lots creative ways.

First invented in the 1800s, it was often used as edging for finishing garments. Today, there’s so much you can use ric rac for – whether it’s decorating clothing or something for your home like curtains and cushions.

Have a look through sites like Pinterest and Instagram for some ideas.

Getting inspired by ric rac

I’ve been thinking of a way to use ric rac that recognises its history, but with a fun twist. In the end I decided on one bigger project (a big, collared blouse), and also a smaller, scrap-busting one!

Big collars and puffy blouses are a huge trend at the moment, and are hopefully here to stay. If not, I’m going to keep... [read more]