Rachel Comey vogue 1585 copyright 2018 McCall Pattern Company Inc

When I am stuck, I go through my pattern boxes. 

I bought this one when Joann's had the $4 Vogue pattern sales (that's a story all in itself)

and I realized the part I liked what this flange over gathers.

and it just worked itself out on paper.

borrowed the main piece from a known object
The usual process photos that i won't identify very well, using a lawn I've had in my stash since Clinton started Funkadelic.
I just never found a thing that suited it, or i wasn't ready to wear it. Either one.

My hems have gotten deeper. Progress.

there's some flipping and pinning and flipping

I am absolutely terrible at taking photos of myself, but I am worse at getting other people to take photos that aren't even WORSE

The other photos are equally poor, but this doesn't feature hot pink compression... [read more]