I wanted to try and make a different type of jacket from the last ones I made. The kimono open cardigan styles I made earlier this year. So I found this Butterick pattern for a patchwork jacket and tried it out. 

The patchwork as shown in their photos does not actually have a pattern. Rather you're supposed to do that yourself and then cut it out as if it were whole fabric. I actually thought the patchwork would be done for you and was looking forward to trying it out. It ended up being fine though since I mainly just wanted the sizing reference and could do my own patchwork. I added a poly lining to the front and back (not in the sleeves). As well as inner pockets that should be able to fit your phone if you need. I also added a snap closure at the neckline instead of the pattern suggested button and loop.

You can check out the jacket for complete... [read more]