My latest shirt was inspired by a fabric called Womens Business by Mavis Marks, who is a member of the ikuntji indigenous artist group. Here this fabric is used by Tessuti to show off their latest shirt pattern. I love the colours and the bold design.

Not long after the women’s business fabric made itself at home in my brain I came across another shirt, painted by artist Kay Chapman.

You can see where that fusion came from, can’t you? I painted with thickened dye, with a brush, free-hand, but with one eye on my inspiration shirts.

The fabric I used is a very high thread count viscose/cotton, one of Ikea’s single bed sheets. It has a subtle lustre and a lovely feel, and is so smooth that you can paint on it almost like you can on paper. I used thickened dye, which stops the dye from running like ink on a blotter, and makes... [read more]