Do you ever just want to make something ridiculous? Like completely outrageous, that you will have slim chance to wear in every day life, but your soul just aches to make it so you can take beautiful pictures and swan around your house in it?? And ultimately so you can just know, you did it.  You made the thing that was in your head!



Enter, this black swan, perfume ad, Dior-esque, Imakestagram boldness. I knew I wanted it to have a lot of ruffles and a lot of volume and I eventually decided that if it was going to be something I could work into my wardrobe every now and then, separates would be best. There wasn’t exactly a pattern than encapsulated eeeeverything I wanted though, so I ended up draping this puppy on my dressform.  If you wanted something similar, there are tons of patterns you could hack to get a similar look.  Some suggestions would be the... [read more]