It's the first week of our Literary Sewing Circle featuring The Sun Down Motel. Have you found a copy yet? Have you started reading? If so, how are you finding the opening chapters? 

This week we'll be looking at one of the storyline eras to inspire a project. This story is partly set in 1982 and partly in 2017 -- today we'll be looking at the 80s. 

While the action doesn't move around much, mostly taking place right at the Sun Down Motel or in and around small Fell, NY, there is still scope for some 80s fashion there. 

Take a look at this retrospective of 80s fashion in America to get a sense of what was happening, and what might be rescuable! Or take a browse through this lengthy overview of 80s clothing, accessories and makeup for some fun reading (just ignore the 'buy here' links). This is, of course, if you enjoy looking through old 80s... [read more]