Sewcialists logo with a speech bubble saying "Farewell!"

After eight years, Sewcialists is saying goodbye!

We absolutely adore this community we’ve built, and we are so grateful for all the volunteers and readers like you who have made it possible. But eight years is a long time to run a sewing blog, and we need a break.

When will Sewcialists finish?

We plan to host our final theme month, All Butts Welcome, and then spend June rounding up our favourite posts. Our relaunch in 2017 began in mid-June, so June seems like an appropriate time to come to an end.

What will happen with the blog and Instagram?

The blog will still be here, with all our past content. Our Instagram account will go dormant too, but you never know, we might pop on there from time to time if there is something really important to share.

Will Sewcialists ever come back?

Never say never! Sewcialists was founded in 2013... [read more]