The Muna and Broad Grainger coat is an oversized, quilted coat in two lengths: hip length and thigh length.

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Muna and Broad has a fantastic size range and will grade their patterns up if you need a larger size.

I made a size G with no alterations. My bust fluctuates between 51 inches and 53 inches and my hips are fluctuating between 51 inches and 54 inches these days, but I like extra room in the hips (even with the oversized style of the coat) so I didn’t fuss with grading down at the hips.


The fabric I used is a faux shearling. It has a soft blue faux suede on one side and white fur on the other side.


It’s so freaking soft on the inside. All the edges are finished with a pink and white gingham bias tape.


I think the fit is oversized and comfy. While there is folding at the bust, it is a stiff fabric... [read more]