I’ve always been very preoccupied with being good. Call it “motivated” or “obsessed” depending on how you want to spin it. I tried really hard to be a good kid, a good friend, and a good person. And of course, I wanted to be good at all the things. I still do. However, I’m 29 now and I’m learning that as a person who is disabled and neurodivergent, the standards of goodness weren’t written with me in mind. For a long time, I worked at fitting into standards anyway, only to be met with failure and frustration. Then I tried rebellion, and I began to find joy. 

Brianna, a white woman with straight brown hair, wears a very pale pink sleeveless dress with a self belt. She is outdoors, standing in front of some trees and shrubs against a brick wall.
Pink tank dress

My sewing adventure and journey with chronic illness and neurodivergence are intertwined. Though I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and fibromyalgia as a teen, these conditions didn’t have a daily impact on my life until I was in a car... [read more]