When I was a little girl — maybe 6 or 7, I created my first zero-waste garment. In fact, it was negative waste, because I used an already pre-existing textile object — my homemade and quilted blanky. I loved my blanky so much that I wanted to wear it (the highest honor to bestow on any fabric in my opinion). So, I found a pair of scissors and made a cut in the middle for my head and slipped it on. With my new blanky poncho surrounding me, I felt secure and happy. My hands were free to play, I could show off my most prized possession, and I knew I looked amazing! Thus my affection for the design combination of simple form, specialty fabrics and practical wear was born.

I am not a fashion historian or an archivist but I have noticed many similarities of both design and textile reverence in the traditional costumes of... [read more]