What if you could be part of a movement that has saved 28 kilos (61 pounds) of scrap fabric from our landfills and that’s just the beginning? What if you could join an army that has made 548 needed gifts, 548 moments where people were touched by a stranger’s kindness?

@tacqueira_goku made these toys with friends and co-workers for homeless kids at @cts4kids_ (ID: a cluster of six handmade stuffie monsters in various colors: pink, yellow, green and white.)

The People’s Sewing Army is a collective of sewists who make magic with their scrap fabric for organizations in need. It’s by the people, for the people. Our mission: We reuse our sewing scraps for good causes. Our value: We love our planet and the people on it. 

@sarah.a.mcmanus made scrap quilts for the birds and napkins for volunteers at @portlandaudubon Wildlife Care Center. (ID: a stack of... [read more]