Two Saturdays ago,

I made this bedspread for my 13-year-old nephew out of plush faux fur. I used 4.5 yards of zebra plush faux fur fabric. My nephew had seen my daughter’s bedspread and wanted one for himself. When he saw it, he said, “If I had one, that blanket would follow me everywhere in the house because it’s so soft.

Last evening, my brother took a photo of the bedspread and texted it to me, He said, “This blanket follows your nephew almost everywhere!” It made my heart smile. High praise indeed! I’m glad he loves the blanket so much.

The fur is on both sides, so it has some weight to the blanket. Perfect for those who like that while they’re sleeping. I’m one of those people. To sew this blanket, I used a walking foot on my Brother Designio;... [read more]