I just finished watching a funny little movie called, “Space Sweepers.” I honestly did not think it was “my thing” but Netflix recommended it based on my other “thumbs up” selections, and it came 92% recommended for me.

I thought, why not, right? Open yourself up to new things. Seek out new knowledge. Break out of your comfort zone. I like to watch foreign movies or series – not always a huge fan of Korean/Chinese stuff, but I do try and give it a shot if it looks “different”, and this definitely looked different! – and I am so glad I clicked on this little peach!

TOTALLY WORTH IT! The cast, while mostly Korean, included people from pretty much every continent and a multitude of languages are spoken – all with excellent subtitles! – and the interaction reminds me of a big block-buster movie rather than a little independent film. I’ve actually seen some of... [read more]