It’s Zero Waste month for The Sewcialists, and we’ve now had a fair bit of discussion about the concept and patterns (introductory post link), and many of the commenters talked about how they would rather use an ordinary pattern and use their scraps for other things. I do like the idea of a zero or minimal waste garment, but know that it’s not always possible to be a purist as fabric isn’t the right size or I want to make something that would be impossible to create using zero/minimal waste principals , so I thought I’d show you some of my recent scrap busting adventures to see if I can pique your interest. All of these, except a couple of things, have been created within the last three months – yes, I do a lot of scrapbusting!

A project that has used a lot of knit scraps is the snuffle rug I made for my Granddog, Heidi! My... [read more]