New year, new mantra....I've realised that keeping my sewing rhythm going depends on basically keeping things pretty damn simple and also doing a lot of what I've already done. Basically I like what I like and I'm most likely to churn out the same old patterns rather than making anything particularly new and challenging. I don't have enough spare time to give to the love of sewing as I used to, I want to be able to pick out a pattern and not have to go through the whole toile and alteration process, I want to cut it out and whip it up within a couple of sittings at the most! On that note, I've started the year with a selfless make, something else I'd like to do a lot more of this year too.

Pattern: Good old Collette Negroni. I've made a few of these in the past. This one is the less detailed version, short sleeves and no fiddly loops or collar stands. Luckily I also had... [read more]