I found my sewing mojo! Woop! It was hidden at the bottom of a massive to do pile and needed coaxing out with a small purchase of pretty new fabric, some inspiring sewing texts from a lovley cousin of mine who has just started to sew her own amazing garments, and a decision to treat myself to a super simple new pattern that I knew wouldnt take too long and would be equally pleasing. 

Pattern: I've stayed completly within my comfort zone and gone for this simple Lotta dress from TATB. I havent bought a printed pattern for absolutley ages, so this felt like the best treat ever! Not a peice of sticky tape in sight :)

Zips and fastenings? Nope. Elasticated waist? Yup. Integrated sleeves? Yup. Will this stress me out and I'll never finish it? Nope. Shoudl I have a new dress in a couple of hours? YUP!

Fabric: Took a chance of a piece of fabric I liked the look of but... [read more]