Today is the culmination of years of work – today I have finally updated the last three of our patterns to be layered pdfs! This means that if you open the pattern file in a compatible app like Adobe Acrobat, you can turn off the layers you don’t need and just print your size(s), which can make things a lot clearer to read and cut out!

Our first pattern to include layered pdfs was our men’s leggings pattern, the Lightspeed Leggings, and subsequently all new patterns included this feature, but going back and updating all our existing patterns over the past 18 months has been quite a feat. I work for an office job four days a week, so everything to do with FehrTrade Patterns gets crammed into Fridays and weekends – lots of boring stuff like accounts and receipts, to answering emails, to negotiating new deals, to... [read more]