My first post of 2021 is actually about a project I made last year but never got around to posting. I was tempted to just forget about blogging about it (despite having taken and edited the photos) as I can't remember making it all that well. But as I mentioned in a recent post I've actually found reflecting on a garment after a few wears quite interesting and constructive.

Diary of a Chain Stitcher: Viscose Print Tessuti Hilary Top and Megan Nielsen Dawn Jeans

I was delighted with this top when I finished it but it has had very little wear. I think I was pleased that the design felt interesting with some unique details and it seemed like a very wearable take on the romantic big sleeve trend. However, once the enjoyment of making it had worn off I didn't find myself drawn to wearing it and didn't feel particularly myself or comfortable in it when I did. Sometimes this is down to colour choice (I often find myself drawn to fabrics in a colour... [read more]