Hello fellow Sewcialists! Welcome to the mini series In-Seam Insights. The goal of this series is to ask people in different countries about their experience with the pandemic in 2020 and what this means for them going into 2021. I think it’s important to highlight community members in different regions of the world because even though we all might feel this has been a universal experience, we have each handled this year in different ways. Each country also has its own method of trying to control the virus (or not) and that also shapes our experience. I hope that this series gives us all a little more insight on what’s going on outside of our respective regions and also connects us more to each other.

Emily wearing the Mira Dress by Fibre Mood in a floral viscose. The fabric is blue and has yellow/red flowers on it.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself, where you’re from, and how you got started sewing.

I’m Emily, a born and raised Londoner, currently... [read more]