Strap in because this may be my first finished make of 2021, but it started in 2019, and it’s a whopper.

I learned to loom knit a few years ago because I was really only interested in making socks, and I have zero desire whatsoever to learn “regular” needle knitting (I am beyond bored of people telling me I should – I don’t care – there’s the door!) so to discover there was an old-fashioned method to do so got me excited and I made a LOT of socks over the years. I also made a few hats, and a cowl, and a pair of weird mittens, but then the worm of an idea grew in my head – “You should make a sweater.”

Now, around this time (Sept 2019) the only loom knit sweater patterns for adults that I could find were for cardigans or slouchy boleros, but I wanted a proper pullover (since then, a few have emerged, and this one from Good Knit Kisses looks so good it might be... [read more]