Monserrat in a dark turtleneck, looking straight at the camera


There is no question, life has changed during the pandemic. We have had to adjust to spending more time indoors and at home, commute less, reduce our in person social interactions, and  the resulting rise in our level of anxiety as we try to navigate this situation. 

To cope with this new lifestyle, some of us have adopted new eating habits, incorporated new foods, explored new flavors or maybe resourced to comfort eating as a means to temporarily escape from our reality. Whatever the reason, some of us have gained some weight.

Believe me, I’m right here with you! Some of my clothes don’t fit comfortably any more, so I’ve stopped wearing them. 

What should I do? Should I throw them away?

This feels like an unreal situation and a part of me hopes that things will go back to normal. I wonder... [read more]