It’s 2021 everyone! It’s still the middle of a pandemic, though, so wear a mask and stay home. Mmkay!

2020 was a year. 2019 was a year. Etc. I don’t attribute any one year to the troubles in my life. It’s all part of the systemic issues that our society has and until those change… the years are not getting better. I am still disabled and sick and financially at risk and housing insecure. I will side-eye anyone who is experiencing relief from a digit change, because it doesn’t change anything. I experience relief from the wins we’ve had as we tackle all the issues in our society. Those wins emphasize that there is good in every bad year. Also, saying it was a bad year tends to ignore all the transformation and change. Change is a tough thing to tackle but it’s necessary if we want a better future. 2020 wasn’t a fluke or a series of unfortunate events. It... [read more]