It’s been a rough time for me from my last post in August. My migraines got way way worse causing me to take medical leave from work at the beginning of October. October was probably the toughest month for me because my symptoms got worse. My physiotherapist described some of the cognitive effects of this as concussion like, which makes a lot of sense to me. I haven’t been able to retain much or concentrate for several months. Screens in particular have been really awful. Hence, no blog posts. But then earlier this month, things started turning around. I am still not doing a 100% but well enough to write blogs and sew a bit more than before. From August to October, I wasn’t able to sew and mainly focused on recovery. A few posts will be catching up on posts from things I made before I started my medical leave. This is one.

My mental health was not in a good state... [read more]