Like most of the world, this pandemic is taking a toll on me. Hubby and I are working from home and both kids are learning virtually. We are doing all we can to stay safe and healthy and will continue to do so until we don't have to any longer. That being said, it is a lot with 24-hour peopling (introverts you hear me?) and few places to retreat and regroup. Before Covid-19, when we wanted a break we would take a quick day trip to a nearby city or drive down to the beach.

Nature's Fabric has a new range of print fabrics and the Abalone bamboo spandex knit immediately caught my eye. The fabric is full of colors, movement and reminded me of oyster shells, lobster bisque and a day at the wharf.

The prints are available in several colorways and I chose the blue.

I wanted to choose a pattern with few pieces so as not to break up the flow of the lovely print. I... [read more]