My how time flies. I won’t even go into dialogue about the events of this year. We all know and we are all sick and tired of it.

That being said, my sewing this year has been face masks. Early in the year a friend suggested I make it a business. Must have been the upteenth “business” I have attempted. Can you believe it the fee for a mask was $25. She got the orders, I made ’em; sent them to her; or directly to the customer. That lasted about three weeks before the market began to flood with $6 masks.

At that price I’d give them away. But, who can obtain fabric, thread, electricity, equipment, etc., etc., etc., and maintain a “business” at $6/mask. Need I say more? [Rolling my eyes]

The photos below are some of my personal masks. most have filters sewn inside. The ones for the project that I am sewing now are much more simple... [read more]