I am actually wearing the mask that matches the shirt. (Also a color coordinated Pekka jacket, and pants that coordinate absurdly well. This doesn't happen much except with black fabric, so I'd like an OOOOH, please.)

I am wearing the mask that matches my sister's pants

The pants of my sister, in progress in July

A batch of masks for my son and his tribe
The dress that matches this mask is done, but too summery for chilly October.

Yes, matching masks and seasonal masks will be a thing for the foreseeable future.

Hey, Ann!

I have continued to refine the process, cutting out second and third layers in batches and just roughly pinning them together, tossing them in the project box, sewing them together when it needs to happen. I have still not drunk any White Claw, but my corner store sells a lot of it, thus the free project box. I'm not worrying about the thread matching... [read more]