Cheers, Sewcialists!

This is a post written as part of the series “Textiles of the World”, which aims to explore some of the history and stories of the Textiles of the World so we can learn together more about them and increase our appreciation for the places and the hands they come from. 

Today, I want to share with you about molas

This story started with a handbag I was given a while ago by my uncle who lived in Colombia. The front flap of the handbag was decorated with a very colorful handmade textile. For several years, this handbag was hidden in the corner of my closet not serving much of a purpose, until one day I finally decided I was going to take it out and make it mine. So, as a natural explorer, I started cutting it apart to make it into a hat. The textile construction was very interesting: layers and layers of colour stacked in an... [read more]