Well hello dear readers!  It's been a bit again hasn't it?   I've had one hell of a month quite frankly.  I headed back to work at the end of August which, if I'm being honest, was exhausting.  It's chaos.  It's overwhelming.  But it is also so damn good to be back with kids in the classrooms.  The kids are so happy to be there too so that makes each and every long and tiring day worth it.  I have revamped my whole library program to become the "travelling librarian" and I swoop in and out of classes, bringing the library to the students instead of them coming to me.  

To add to the exhaustion of being back to work I ended up having some dental work done that went rogue.  It started out a year ago when I went to the dentist complaining of pain in my tooth when I'd bite down on something.  He xrayed and couldn't really see anything so told me to come back if... [read more]