I have attempted to go into my sewing room to begin new projects for fall. Once in the room, I cannot do much of anything regarding sewing.  I did go through some of my pattern stash and culled through those that I then posted on eBay this past week.

Life feels a little overwhelming of late. The loss of RBG was a huge loss and the actions of the majority of the  Republican senators rushing to fill that position, being very hypercritical of their words during the Obama era.   

Then the President keeps pushing the fraudulent vote by mail except when it applies to him. Plus adding that there may not be a peaceful transition should he lose. This adds to the divisiveness and continues to disrupt our democracy. I did not vote for him in 2016 and no way will I do so this election year. I realize making these statements may draw ire from many; and I still believe... [read more]