Bleached shorts 1

In the Spring when we couldn’t leave the house and anxiety was at an all time high and I was turning to online retail therapy window-shopping, I came across a pair of high waisted, belted, kind of bleached denim shorts. I almost bought them and then remembered this 80’s pattern I have, having sought it out immediately after seeing Trine’s trousers. (As an aside Trine is the most prolific and stylish stitcher.)

Bleached shorts 6

Let’s get honest here. I am 100% aware that I have what is conventionally seen as a ‘good figure’. I 100% know that that is bullshit and every figure is a good figure. Every body is a perfect body. Society’s fat-shaming is abhorrent, yet I also acknowledge that I am 100% guilty of a ‘slim privilege’ mindset which is something I’m working towards changing.

Whether or not I consider myself slim is... [read more]