Yes, we’ve carried on with our regular updates and now the Men’s edition of our ever-popular Surf to Summit Top pattern joins the Ladies edition in being layered! Woop! The Ladies edition has been layered for a while, and our Lightspeed Leggings pattern was the first to be layered from launch, so it was a great opportunity to update this one, too, so it’s even easier to sew some great winter activewear for the men in your life.

The main changes in this update are:

  • The pattern files are now layered! This means you can print only the size(s) you require if you’re using a pdf app that supports it, like Adobe Acrobat.
  • Improved the Copy Shop pattern to be A0 compatible, with all the required Basic Top pieces on one sheet (see note below)
  • Rearranged the Print at Home layout to make it easier to print (or not print!) the optional extras... [read more]