Photo of Rumana wearing a blue ankle-length dress with a purple hijab. Rumana is standing in her home, and is looking away from the camera.

Welcome back to our series interviewing leaders in the sewing community! You can read all of our previous interviews here.

Today we are talking to Rumana, who posts about sewing and craft on The Little Pomegranate blog and instagram. Rumana appeared on ‘The Great British Sewing Bee’ in 2016, and started the #SewInColour hashtag.

Charlotte: Tell us about yourself, and how you became interested in sewing.

Rumana: I’ve always had an interest in sewing of some sort. My mum used to sew a lot, she made all my special day outfits, from birthdays to Eid dresses as well as making her own clothes. So it’s something that I grew up with. I knew how to use a sewing machine from a pretty young age but didn’t learn how to properly sew until I was around 23− 24 years old. I definitely hadn’t used a pattern before that! I really... [read more]