Every now and again we get questions into Ask The Sewcialists from members of the community seeking a solution to a sewing issue they have. Sometimes we answer if we feel like we can help; other times, it just makes sense to ask our awesome sewing community!

Today’s Ask The Sewcialists is a question that popped into our inbox a little while back:

I wear a size 18 and have chubby thighs. What fabrics and jeans/pants construction would help avoid the inner thigh holes that appear way too quickly?

I’m fed up with companies not selling clothes that last!  I’ve repaired jeans and turned them into work pants. I’ve patched and reinforced them preemptively to avoid these dreaded holes. I’ve tried so many ideas. Please help – all ideas welcome!

Sewcialist, July 2020

We thought about the usual—rugged construction/fabrics like on jeans,... [read more]