How are you holding up through COVID? I’ve been up and down, which is a pretty universal experience. I’m currently halfway through summer vacation and today it was announced that we will be back in schools full time in September. Yes, in 4 weeks I’ll be in 3 poorly ventilated buildings per week, each with with 400+ kids and 35+ adults, while my husband will be in a building with 1200 teenage students and 100+ teachers. Sounds… doomed? Time will tell, and everything changes so quickly that who knows how it will actually play out.

Instead, let’s look at my beautiful new dress, the Victory Patterns Sofia!

Kristiann from Victory emailed me back in late May to ask if I’d be willing to model the new extended size range of her upcoming pattern! It’s a hard time for photoshoots right now, and I was happy to help out. Victory bought the fabric of my... [read more]