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Interested in joining in with #allchestswelcome during August? Below are a few pointers to resources you might find useful. Do share your favourites with us below or on Instagram.

Two women wearing two-piece swimsuits and sunglasses are smiling and holding inflated water rafts.
Photo credit: Seamwork


Seamwork has a good overview of tips for sewing swimwear, plus tips for turning your favourite lingerie pattern into swimwear.

Love to Sew podcast chatted about sewing swimwear in episode 47.

(On the subject of swimwear, check out Minka’s Seamwork article on Esther Williams, and listen to this episode of podcast You Must Remember This about the actress).

A woman is smiling with her eyes closed; she is wearing a black bra that has thin straps, lace, and polka dots.
Photo credit: Madalynne


Do you struggle to find a bra that fits? Try the Reddit A Bra That Fits Calculator.

Whitney Makes has a great blog post rounding up her favourite lingerie making resources, including books and online tutorials. One of the first issues of Seamwork... [read more]