This week I picked up some lovely linen on sale, and I immediately prepped it so that I could cut out McCalls 7600, a vest pattern from 1995 😉

I like vests, waistcoats & the like, but patterns for these kinds of things are often from the 90s, the last time they were really popular. Good thing I have so many old patterns in my stash!

I thought that this was an interesting version, with some different details. My linen-rayon blend isn't quite as drapey as the cover image for View A, but otherwise looks similar. I liked the high side split & the mix of rounded back and pointed front panels.

Despite the simplicity  of the design, this did take a bit of work. It has a front facing and that oddly shaped hem takes some effort to make smooth & even. Thankfully this fabric pressed wonderfully and made the hemming a little easier.

I have taken photos wearing it over my... [read more]