The wonderful world of sewing is filled with many different niches. From quilting to costuming to RTW dupes, there really is something for everyone. One world I have become very interested in (as an outsider looking in) is vintage sewing. I asked you, dear readers, to share your experiences sewing vintage in our fun mini-series! In this post, I present you with a tiny sliver of the richness of vintage sewing – collecting vintage machines.


Katelynn's sewing machine, named Betty, is a black antique-style reproduction bought for a mere $20!

Like most of you, I LOVE to sew. It literally surrounds my entire life. I enjoy learning new skills and perfecting basic ones to further transform my journey. Vintage sewing is one of those “niche” areas that I tend to lean towards. Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for old-world quality, or because I love to spend an afternoon browsing thrift shops, either way, finding vintage sewing... [read more]