I cut out this Butterick 6677 last summer when I first bought the pattern. I took it off the UFO pile at the beginning of this month, and now I am finally wearing it!

It was a fairly easy sew, except for the flounces! I made View A, the yellow view, and I had a heck of a time with those shoulder flounces. There is SO MUCH HEMMING to do on these, and then I had to figure out how exactly to attach them. I think I should have put them a little further toward the edges of the shoulder, but they are okay. The gingham does turn back on itself and show the wrong side in the flounce, however, so I am glad I used a fabric with a decent back side.

Otherwise the only issues with sewing this was just the shifty rayon. But how could I resist this lovely print? The skirt of this pattern has cut on pockets, which I love, and the shape and finish are really... [read more]