For years I blogged twice a week, but now I haven’t blogged for a month. Like everyone, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, learning and reflecting… and working from home… running Sewcialists… and sewing!

I have some special projects that I want to blog about so they are recorded, but also some quick things I’d like to mention. All of these fit my self-imposed rule of supporting companies that actively support diversity in the sewing community. I made a few things in May and June that I’m not going to mention because the companies haven’t posted about Black Lives Matter or responded to my emails asking about their stance.

I made a reverse-applique Black Lives Matter shirt! I’ve worn it to protests and to school on the day parents picked up their belongings. I also made one for a friend!

Did I ever show you this Closet Case Patterns cat onesie? It’s... [read more]