A graphic saying, in large text: "About Us: Meet the Copy-Editors". In slightly smaller writing, the text continues "and read our pledge to diversity in expression"

Copy-Editors? We have Copy-Editors at the Sewcialists? Why yes, we do! You may not hear about them very often, but we have a stellar team that edits our copy, and who are actually an integral part of our mission of inclusivity.

Copy-Editors versus “regular” Editors — what’s the difference?

The answer is: It depends. Terms such as “content editing”, “copy-editing”, “proof-reading”, and so forth are used inconsistently across national borders, and sometimes even more so by companies across the street from one another.

Here at the Sewcialists, our Editors are the folks who plan and create content: They come up with topics and ideas, and then they write, co-write, or coordinate all the amazing posts you see on offer here. They find guest authors, interview interesting people, gather images, and invite the community to challenges, theme months, and... [read more]