As part of our #MayWeRemindYou month we ran a poll to find out about your TNTs (Tried and True patterns). We wanted to see how the picture of TNTs in our sewing community had changed since our original TNT theme month back in November 2017.

One of the stand outs of the poll results is that 60% of you have some TNTs, but would like more. I am not the only one! With that in mind, this post is dedicated to how the results might help us find more TNTs.

What did the results tell us overall?

We asked about some features of your TNTs — such as the type of garment and the pattern companies you use.

A pie chart showing the following information: 
Where do you find your TNT patterns? 
Different pattern companies - 57%
Mostly from the same few companies - 37%
Brand loyal - 6%

We found that most people aren’t sewing most of their TNTs from one company, or even from a select few. That encourages us to experiment with other pattern companies rather than “staying in our lane”! Happily, we have the amazing list of companies... [read more]