I have been meaning to make this dress for a few weeks now -- I just had to decide on the right fabric! It's the Envelope Dress by Criswood Sews, a zero waste project.

I first saw this pattern on Instagram, where it was made up in linens & natural tones, and so I thought I would use a brick red linen in my stash. But I just wasn't feeling it. Then I saw this thrifted tropical print. The recommended fabrics for this pattern are solids, but I thought I would give this large scale print a try.

The worry with a print like this is that the flowers will end up where you don't want them. Despite checking my panels first I still got a little too close to chestal foliage. But I think it's still wearable; it's not so noticeable in real life & in movement. I really like how the neckline falls and forms pleat-like folds, and the overall look.

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