This is the verbatum email from and as a loyal member of the squad (and a former employee of Fantagraphics), I endorse this message.
(I did fix one of the links tho)
- skm
Hello Friends of Kovacs!

After many years of effort, Ernie Kovacs has been nominated for the New Jersey Hall of Fame!  

Many good people in Ernie’s hometown of Trenton and the surrounding area (I’m talking to you Jeff, Nick and Randy) have pushed for this for and it’s finally here. You can vote until June 30, after that, you are out of luck.

We wanted to ask you, if you had a moment to vote for Ernie (and other worthy candidates), the link to vote Kovacs into the NJ Hall of Fame is right here:

Feel free to share this with your friends, urge them to... [read more]