Kill your darlings” is common writing advice, meaning ditch anything superfluous that you are too emotionally attached to… and Tribute Month/Sew Style Hero is the darling that I decided to let go!

Graphics from past tribute theme months: Tribute August 2014, Tribute Month 2017, and Sew Style Hero 2018.

Tribute Month, when we sew something in tribute to a sewist we admire, was one the last of the original Sewcialists theme months before I went on hiatus in 2015, and the first theme month in 2017 when I restarted the site. I dreamed that August’s annual Tribute Month would be something people would look forward to every year, like Me Made May.

Two shots of Gillian, in 2014, wearing a striped knit dress in coral, teal, and grey, with pops of purple and black. The dress has cap slevees and a scoop neck, and a knee length a-line skirt.
My 2014 Tribute Month Dress, in tribute to my friend Alessa from Farben Freude!

I adore the idea of taking inspiration from the style, colours palette, or techniques or a certain sewist, and interpreting it for your own wardrobe. Tribute Month inspired some of my own favourite outfits, and was a... [read more]